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IDLab Workshops

The International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy organizes a regular workshop at which laboratory staff, as well as other researchers, present their work at different stages - from idea to responding to comments from reviewers. The topic of the seminar covers various areas of using intellectual resources and ways to improve efficiency and competitiveness at the individual, team, organizational and country levels.

Workshops outline
Date Presenter Topic
20.04.2021Petr Parshkov Uncertainty of outcome and demand for eSports in streaming
27.04.2021Anna BykovaEconomic freedom and performance in sports: evidence from US major leagues
25.05.2021Iuliia NaidenovaBroadcasts vs. highlights: What does a modern consumer prefer?
01.06.2021Veronika GukasyanThe presence of ethnic discrimination in the housing market of Russian cities and its impact on the apartment price
15.06.2021Victor KrakovichMedia sentiment analysis for bank performance prediction
13.07.2021Olga OkulovaImpact of research collaborations on individual performance of faculty in business schools
03.09.2021Nick ZubanovMeasuring the economic costs of employee turnover: A structural approach
28.09.2021Elena ZelenskayaThe efficiency of the performing arts: Evidence from data envelopment analysis for Russian theatres
05.10.2021Anna DaviyDoes regional environment matter in ERP system adoption? Evidence from Russia
12.10.2021Marina ZavertiaevaDoes companies’ social capital deal with economic policy uncertainty to raise corporate investments?
19.10.2021Galina ShirokovaFrom start-up to global innovative company: Development of sources of competitive advantage in Russian entrepreneurial firms
07.12.2021Georg StadtmannSurvival of professional CS:GO teams: What matters? A Research Note
14.12.2021Grigory TeplykhExploring the multiple role of state ownership for firm innovations in emerging markets: the Russian case
28.12.2021Elena VeretennikImpact of national journals: evidence from Physical sciences research published in post-Soviet countries
25.01.2022Daria SemenovaWillingness to pay in the foodmarket: attributive VS neuroeconomic approaches
08.02.2022Thadeu GasparettoTaking Out the Pressure on Penalty Kicks: Randomizing Shot Selection 
22.02.2022Victor KrakovichResearch-teaching nexus: the new answer to the old question 
01.03.2022Petr ParshakovEvaluation of business reputation based on open text information


Dmitry Kirpishchikov

Did Board of Directors' Social Capital Help Russian Companies in the 2014 Crisis?


Iuliia Naidenova

Choking under pressure  in online and live competitions


Nadezhda Votintseva

The quest for business model patterns 


Viktor Krakovich

News Sentiment as a Predictor of Bank Failure


Grigory Teplykh

Exploring the multiple role of state ownership for firm innovations in emerging markets: the Russian case


Polina Krasikova, Diana Krasnopolskaya and Svetlana Razmakhnina

The role of the early adopters in the diffusion of blockchain technology: a case study of the large companies in Russia


Petr Parshakov

Online and live tournaments: prize structure and performance


Stepan Gogolev

Information channels and general public financial decision making: review of studies


Anastasia Saltykova

Influence of non-monetary motivation on task performance


Danila Sidorenko

Research Endeavours of Business Schools


Anna Bykova

Internationalization and reputation of Russian companies

14.06.2022Marina Zavertiaeva Estimating of the economic value added of human capital


Iuliia Naidenova

Wisdom of crowds vs. managers: Evidence from Major League Soccer


Dmitry Dagaev

Strategic choice of an opponent in qualifying tournaments


Marina Zavertiaeva

Economic Policy Uncertainty and Russian Companies' Investments: The Role of Social Capital of the Board of Directors


Olga Okulova

Effects of International Accreditations on Performance of Business Schools


Daria Semenova

Measuring effects of packaging on willingness-to-pay for chocolate: evidence from EEG experiment


Daria Dzyabura

Color analytics for data-driven brand management


 Elena ShakinaWho is more likely to generate blockbuster innovations? Evidence from open-source software 


 Elena ShakinaProductivity effect of IT technologies: synthetic control analysis 


 Natalia Volkova, Elena Shakina

How much jobseekers value their human capital and beyond?


 Iuliia NaidenovaESG disclosure and firm performance 
 13.12.2022 Petr Parshakov, Carlos Gomez-Gonzalez Take one for the team. How good leaders sacrifice their own performance for their team
 31.01.2023 Iuliia Naidenova, Petr Parshakov Shifting Viewership Patterns: An Analysis of Consumer Preferences for Videos on YouTube


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